DD-YM-Trader: A YM Trader Speaks

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  1. I thought NQ traders were the underclass of ET, since in Candera's Index Futures poll only six out of eighty respondents admit to trading NQ. So imagine my surprise when I got a PM from a YM trader demanding equal time! I handn't noticed that Candera did not even include YM specifically in his poll.

    Anyway, an ET poster well known to many of you volunteered to discuss his relationship to YM in an interview, so how could I refuse? He asks our forbearance in his creation of an alias, however, as for personal reasons he does not wish his candid remarks to be associated with his everyday persona. And, I hasten to add, this is not me talking to myself, it is a legitimate desire by a prominent poster to communicate to you in a respectful and intellectually engaged and interested forum.

    So to begin, as usual, DD-YM, would you tell us something about yourself? Approximate age, gender, rough geographic location, background, whatever you are comfortable with and whatever will set the stage for your story.

    And gentle readers, you have been a great audience so far. Thanks!
  2. Thank you Duref

    Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about perspectives on trading and everything else that comes to ET collective mind.

    But before I begin I would like to say that due to nature of trading over all, this soon to be profound interview will not reach people. It will reach very few for short amount of time.

    What I am saying Duref is that, our hard work here has limited benefit. But as the old saying goes, you can’t save thousands of fish stranded but it sure helps the ONE you throw back into the ocean.

    I started trading WAY back, and yes my old days did include QQQ, not 4 Qs but three. I developed an edge way back based on QQQ. After spending 3 years developing an edge I realized what a fool I am.

    Started trading in 90s blew up several times, and learned to trade eventually

    I am 56 years old, I trade the YM and a bit of DD, I live in Seattle. I am single for all the ladies out there.

    I have background in computer science and what I love to read about the most are UFOs (to each his own right) :)
  3. It is my pleasure to facilitate your transfer of wisdom. Excuse my ignorance, DD-YM, I don't get around much. What is this DD that you trade?

    And while I do sympathize with your scepticism regarding enlightening ET, a gentleman is obliged to do what he can.

    Continuing with the standard opening questions, can you tell us how you came to trade in the first place? Your motivations and aspirations? And I am sure the ladies are listening avidly.
  4. LOL:D :D

    How I started (and I swear this is a true story) I was a personal driver for a wealthy man in west Seattle. I got the job through a friend of mine. I was raised to be a good little bugger, so when I worked all kinds of jobs I really worked hard as if I was raised to be a good little bugger (which I was)

    well this man was a trader, imagine me a young man entering this man's estate to fix his computers etc, only to see serious trading station etc.

    well he decided that I was one of those pure humble souls that deserved to be pointed in the right direction,

    that is how I got started


    DD= BIG Dow DJIA $25 Futures
  5. What a great gift that was! Compared that is to those of us who are autodidacts and have fools for pupils.

    Might I ask, does much survive in your current method from what your mentor taught you? And continuing the standard questions, do you also work a regular job in addition to trading?
  6. strange puppy
  7. MORE MORE !
  8. Rcanfiel, of all the people on ET, you are close to the top of my list of people to interview. Your tenacity is amazing. And your ability to engage otherwise intelligent posters in endless circular mindnumbingly unresolvable debate is astonishing. Perhaps you will let me present you in a kinder light sometime.
  9. Ian, everybody wants more. As that great Texan Charlie Wilson said, "Too much is not enough." But what do YOU want more of?

    Let me remind all that if you want more congenial discourse like this on ET, help Razor, DD-YM and me keep it OT and out of C-C.

    I believe that ET hungers for the kind of trading discussions even dedicated antagonists would have over a few beers. Good natured. Recognizing common interests and minimizing minor differences. Communicative.
  10. what an excellent set of questions, Duref you are an excellent host.

    I trade completely differently from my mentor.

    You see my mentor was a rather crude man, his father was a wealthy Englishman who got bored with his new Rome (England) and decided to come to US to bask amidst "new money" people.

    but little did he realize that Americans are not much for formality and definitely don't jibe with the queen.

    so he raised a son (my mentor) to be as crude as he was.

    My mentor taught me to double down, LOL, seriously, the man used BRUTE FORCE strategy, and believe it or not it worked and still works.

    the reason why is because he has enormous availability of funds and would stick to only trading bank stocks and big blue chips

    Needless to say my dear Duref,

    I quickly realized that my strategy would have to be completely different, so I thought at the time that I need an edge.

    and so with EDGE hunting came the darkest chapter of my life. :(
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