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  1. Guys,

    Look at DCTH. I use 5 min chart with 50 pt move average. Look where it is. I just loaded up for the long. Stop at 30. What do you think?
  2. Crap!!!! Never mind... Lost 500 bucks :(

    Oh well. Better luck next time
  3. backman


    i use 3 min with 50/200 MA......often, when a parabolic mover fails at 50 MA, its done other than for small scalps to the long side.....ive got an intraday target of 3.09, with a short entry from 4.25
  4. Unfortunatelly, I can't short this stock, and I only looked at it about one hour ago. I watched it slide to the 30 levels, and thought it was a good long (at least a very short term one).

    Guess not :(


    I;m not the only one!!!!!
    (cant believe i am still in a good mood after that downer)

    Where did you get in/out?
    What were your target/ stop loss?

  6. In: 2k at 34 our 2k at 27. 7 c x 2k = 140 loss.

    Target was 53
    Stop loss was 25

    Got out a bit early on that one because I saw it was slipping badly.
    Probably a mistake. But the trade is done. No more of that.

    And you?