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  1. Have no idea what it is other than it looks like a double down oil ETF. The thing I don't understand is it went from $4.00 two weeks ago to $0.88 today. Gas or Crude oil prices haven't changed 4X yet.

    Anyway, bought only $2000 of DCR at closing. I may lose all, but that's the loss I can take. It is like an call option but with no time money to lose. If It gained 100% tomorrow, I will sell it. If it stays low, I will hold it until it goes to zero. No stop loss for me on this one. I just think oil stocks have gone up too fast. It will take a break. (although long term wise, oil will go up more.)
  2. at .88 cents oil would have to close below 117.36 by june 25 for you to flat it.
  3. you are completely fucked

  4. "at .88 cents oil would have to close below 117.36 by june 25 for you to flat it."

    Well, I have to admit that I didn't know how DCR worked, and probably still don't know 1005. Thanks for the link on it is closing out.

    At 0.88 it is a gamble. $117.36 of crude oil by June 25 is not totally impossible. I may get our tomorrow, maybe just hold it until it expires. Luckily I just place little money to gamble.

    Thanks everyone.
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    I was watching dcr on friday and for a while in the morning uso looked like a short..so I started accumulating a position in dcr waiting for a pop...but there was a seller keeping it below around .90. Then in the afternoon oil was shooting up dcr was finding alot of support around the .87, .88 level.. I havent been trading dcr very long so I was wondering if any one could offer any insight..
  6. Advice: move on to something else. Don't put your money to risk in something that is about to be shut down. It's not a stock that is going to go from .88 to 10. It's not a lottery ticket.
  7. there isn't much to trade. it's basically an option that is priced as if oil will settle around 117.25 on june 25.