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  1. Andiroo


    Part time but serious trader - transplant from London to DC looking to build the same kind of network in had in UK. Interested in Equities, Futures, FX. Global macro bias / fundamentals so always keen to shares ideas with technicians and other quants.


  2. There is a great set of traders/developers meet regulary in VA/MD/DC area. I used to be part of Washington, DC TradeStation User Group (WTSUG), but recently I have moved to the west-coast. There are few other groups, Market Technicians Group, American Investors group (?), MTA (not any more) meet regularly once a month or so. They are well organized and worth attending for knowledge/networking etc. but informal set up like meet in a Library. There may be few more I am not aware of.

    But here are the URLs.

    WTSUG Group (Great Traders, Excellent Network)

    Society of Market Technicians Group (in MD)


    PS: WTSUG meeting tomorrow, July 19th, 2010. Pl. see the website
  3. Andiroo


    Hi Suri

    Thanks for this. Both groups sound very interesting and the WTSUG meeting is 10 mins away. I am not currently a TS user - will this matter? How many people typically go and what kinds of backgrounds?


  4. Hi A,

    It is a WTSUG group but many attend are Non-TS Users also. I have many friends who use Ninja, MultiCharts, NeoTicker etc.. who attend this meeting.
    Main focus in my view is TA and software tools etc. They have excellent presenters from time-time and the guy who organizes is brilliant (Bruce).

    Mostly traders but some solid developers with varied backgrounds attend this meeting. The group size also varies from topic to topic, presenter, weather etc. But you can attend free few meetings and if interested the membership fee is like $20 a YEAR. I have not attended SMT for quite a while, but it may be more designed for investors, I think. You can also attend SMT meetings (few) for Free.

  5. vastox


    I'm a recent grad in the VA area interested in trading/investing. I plan to look into these groups mentioned also, but if not starting something online or locally would also be interesting.... if theres any locals pm me.
  6. Thanks for the info. I didn't know I had fellow traders right down the street from me.
  7. drp7804


    I'm in the Northern VA area. Currently retail trading intraday equities (automated), and looking into the possibility of swing trading futures. I've been seriously researching trading since mid-2008, began live trading in 2010. Hoping for a big 2011! Anyone else in the area automated? Remote prop traders, etc?
  8. Minimal automated trading. I am a hands on guy. I also trade Forex. I am in Bowie.