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  1. I tried to send you a PM but site would not allow it.

    I'm looking for the 2 threads you started outlining the straight line method.

    I did a search but can't seem to locate it, you have way too many posts.

    Can you give me the title or the link? If you remember what I'm referring to.

  2. dbphoenix


    There are four, and they will tell you far more than you want to know. Plus a lot of the charts have disappeared.





    I suggest that you look at SLA/AMT and resort to the journal threads only on an extremely slow night when you're looking for something to help you sleep.
  3. Great.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. k p

    k p


    Plus its also better to not let all the crap that us newbies brought up drag you onto the wrong path! :)

    Those threads do have nuggets of gold in them, but to the OP, I think it would also be easier to focus on what you can see yourself and formulate how to take advantage of it once you learn the basics in the PDF. So much of what I've read that other people seemed to have made work for them I just couldn't replicate. The way you learn to trade will I think be very much based on your fears and comfort with risk, and since each one of us is different in this regard, the method absolutely has to match the trader.
  5. I"m reading through them again. but one question that may be addressed in the thread.

    Are the 1 minute charts effective in overnight trading?