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  2. That would be precisely why they are gone.
  3. DB's an active member at traderslaboratory currently, FYI.
  4. His stuff isn't the only long in-depth education thread to have disappeared.

    There are many others from around those particular dates.

    I suspect Baron did some pruning (deletion) of old stuff instead of just archiving them.

    I notice this "disappearing" act a few weeks ago and have gone back and archived (saved) my own education thread that I did here at ET several years ago.

    I highly recommend others do the same regardless how long their thread may be...

    Regardless if the thread deletions are intentional or accidental.

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    on t2w, DB said he wished to delete his old journal here because of some concepts were changed as he evolved. My take, he finally figured out why Jack was on his case j/k. Actually I think he got tired of people kept referring to his old journal.
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    Instead of relying on members of the past to provide us with valuable threads, I would rather encourage the current member base to re-discuss these subjects in a modern context. Things change over time, and after going through a lot of the old threads, I realized that there was a ton of outdated material. Even in threads where there was some decent content, many of the links which pointed to third party resources were broken.

    Furthermore, I didn't want new traders stumbling across old threads that cover outdated subjects like SuperSOES and thinking those strategies are still valid.

    So just so we are all on the same page, from this point forward, we will only be keeping a 3-year history of posts.
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  8. What a relief! Now I can recycle all my old material! Make outrageous claims about past performance! Reinvent myself as the very model of sober decorum. Jack must REALLY be relieved that we won't be able to peer into his past mis-pronouncements. No losses? 3X the daily range? I never said THAT.
  9. Now we have guys like William Rennick, Jack Hershey, Timmay Sykes, BNB Analytics and Stocktrad7r to give us the latest strategies on trading.

    In 2001-2003 the market was absolutely despised so the only persons on ET were the die-hard traders who actually knew something.

    Today there are so many tools on this board that anything discussed I would regard as suspect and take with a grain of salt the size of a huge boulder.

    Why delete threads from that diehard trader segment of the early 00s? Those are the last threads that we have which contain some sort of logic.

    I think we might get back to the day when the market is once again despised and the only ones left are the diehard traders with a kernal of knowledge. Until then, we will keep gleeming knowledge from the latest tribulations of William Rennick and his magic ball. Dont forget Neke's journal in which he takes 100k to 1 million in a year. Great!

  10. If this truly becomes practice, and I hope you would reconsider, can you give us a tool to archive the old, good, long threads, as the server currently times out when one tries to get a print copy of a long thread... :(
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