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  1. Has anyone use DBFX? Are they any better? Thank you.
  2. Moe27


    the biggest and the safest broker you can go with, but there sreads are horrible 2-8 pips on gbp/usd during normal trading hours. mostly 4-6 pip spread.
  3. nelson


    But they are tied into FXCM, cause they use their platform.
  4. Moe27


    no there not, thats just like saying all mt-4 brokers are tied to each other, go do your research im not gonna touch this topic again, some people just don't get it.
  5. JDL


    your funds are safe up to euro 1 billion per customer, your money can't get more safer then that.
  6. spieler


    depending on the size of your account you can ask for their "core pricing spread" which is very good like other's pro spread
  7. Is dbFX like a franchise? Branches in HK, New York and London seem to be different entities...:confused:
  8. Vytautas


    Hello spieler

    what size of account should be in order to get "core pricing spread"?

    And what the "core pricing spread" are?

  9. spieler


    size i dont know

    core pricing is their name for direct acces to liquidity so tiny spread
    Theire retail spread is bad
  10. scottdan


    DBFX is backed by Deutsche Group.
    However, i wouldnt recommend anyone to trade forex with DBFX.
    Its fine its backed by DB group.
    But whats the use, when you aint getting good spreads, execution, and a loyal customer support?

    I had account with them for around a month. I started to see widening in my spreads, and slowly my account was starting to go negative.
    I was worried and wanted to see what is the reason. cause i am an active trader, and trade good with other brokers.

    I than found, these guys they manipulate with spreads, move around with the pricing..

    They are same like SAXOBANK.

    Stay way, and dont just see with whom they are backed with

    If you want to make real money, go with honest people, honest company, and make real money.

    Good Luck!
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