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  2. well DB fx is run by FXCM it appears , I wonder what it means regarding overall reliability and fair dealing practices .
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    better quotes on Interactive brokers
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    I was looking into IB for forex but soon we will have 10x leverage in the US and I need at least 100X leverage............

    Plus $1BN broker insolvency protection can not be beat

    As long as a trader is good, dealing desk execution is not even an issue
  5. you unfortunately have no clue what you are talking about.

    a) if you need more than 10x leverage to make money then you are overleveraged

    b) you need account segregation and personal account insurance, such as what IB offers through Loyd's of London. A failure of DB Sec or FXCM will not be fully covered with 1bn only

    c) dealing desk execution is pretty much the worst that can happen to a client. Adverse interests are always bad no matter how good you are.

    Hope this helps to clear up your confusion...

  6. what' DB Sec , I understand the 1 Bil is per account that 's what I think I read but it does sound wrong, how can they guarantee that amount ?
  7. I have not read it because I would not touch such firm ever. But it sounds very wrong. Precisely because a lot of things sound wrong to me with bucket shops such as FXCM or DBFX I stay far away...

  8. Ok what do you recommend then ?
    I used FXCM , closed my account back a few years ago after they started their tricks. IMO they are not that bad it's just I didn' trust them anymore and realized it was going to be much more difficult to make money short term and I didn't want to give back what I made with them . But now my focus is less on daytrading so these tricks would have less of an impact but on the other hand FX is more volatile outside of news releases and anything can happen in today's markets so even long term traders have to be concerned with slippage . I really would like to open an account with DB FX but I don't like the things I read about their being run entirely by FXCM, all their people are registered as FXCM people, then I don't place much trust in DBFx assertion that the execution is from DB !

    If this is not the case and FXCM is the firm that processes orders -even with DB liquidity - then there is the possibiliy that they run the same tricks on customers . I can''t understand how this kind of deception is possible in today's world, how can they get away with this ?
  9. can you give me one single (yes, just 1) reason why you would want to go with DBFX even if it was not run by FXCM? One reason that makes DBFX a better partner than, for instance IB? Please do not mention charting, I am just asking about execution capabilities, flexibility in your account setup, and safety of deposits.

  10. Haircut on exotics (at IB) will be 5:1 when the US goes 10:1. There are a lot of guys running diversified books that need more than 5:1 leverage. Thinly-veiled attempt to stuff the CME's pockets at the expense of the retail player.
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