Dbfx Is Fxcm ,and They Will Rather Lie About It ..

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    can you believe that one of the biggest banks in the world hooks up with a bucket shop operation like fxcm ... unbelievable but true ...
    open your account with dbfx , send your forms to fxcms offices in new york .. same mailing address ..

    same generic trading platform ,
    same ip address when you tie into dbfx ...

    dbFX online application:

    Whois results for fxcorporate.com:
    Forex Capital Markets, LLC
    32 Old Slip, 10th Floor
    New York, NY 10005

    Domain Name: FXCORPORATE.COM

    Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
    Forex Capital Markets, LLC
    32 Old Slip, 10th Floor
    New York, NY 10005
    Phone: 212-897-7660
    Fax: 212-897-7669

    Record expires on 11-Dec-2009
    Record created on 11-Dec-2000
    Database last updated on 18-Oct-2004

    Domain servers in listed order: Manage DNS


    try it yourself guys

    go to the start menu then go to Run... and type cmd. Then once you have a command prompt type netstat -an. Note the IP addresses on the right (foreign addresses) and go to http://www.samspade.org/ type the IP addresses into the first box, press 'Do Stuff' and see who you're connecting to.

    DBFX is at

    now go to online chat at dbfx where they will lie right to you , or if you bring up this info just cut you off ..

    but this underlines what im discovering is going on in this so called forex market ...
    80 % crooks or at the very least they sure are not there to help you trade ,,just slowly separate you from your money ... grrrrr
    remember this is a bank to guys ,must think were all just really stupid ..
    beware ,
  2. Yeah, it's a shame...
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    I think the final word must be that dbFX is a scam.
  4. Hempster, WTG!
  5. Busted!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Note that dbFX and FXCM offer the exact same pairs and the spreads are exactly the same on every pair except for NZD/USD which differs by one pip.

    I guess Deutsche Bank has reached the same conclusion that FXCM has: that the retail FX customer is a sucker to be raped to the max without concern for the ethics involved. At least until someone goes to jail.
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    the weird stuff is that if you talk to dbfx they don't acknowledge using FXCM's platform.... and if you talk to www.db.com people they don't deny dbfx being their retail FX outlet. I think they wanted to reach this market and just leased the same software, at least temporarily. Most likely it IS Deutsche Bank, and there is no reason to expect the same business PRACTICES just because they use the same platform.
  8. well

    i contacted them more than 1 month ago

    here is the answer "we just rent the softwaer of FXCM but we are totally Impendent we have our customer service and our dealing desk" they say

    offcourse i don't belive them

    but in the other hand DB is very big to be a white label for FXCM

    REFCO also were big

    i'm confused

    but i hope they are Impendent

    Regards all
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    You may want to carefully read the "client agreement" posted on the dbfx website. dbfx.com/about-us/client-agreement.html
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