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  1. Why do I have to read the headline

    Commodities Surge Drives Market Higher- AP

    yet scroll down to see

    DBC 22.15 -0.25 -1.12%

    Not sure which commodities are down. Gold, oil, corn wheat seem to be up, aluminum and heating oil I downt know. Is contango that bad right now in the futs?
  2. sprstpd


    Closing price of DBC yesterday was officially 22.4 but it was a misprint and was more like 21.9. So DBC was up today if you take away the closing price error.
  3. well thats nice to know. Good call.
  4. DBA and DBC should be able to run a fair bit. DBC started to click last week. DBC started end of last week. Nice consolidation and breakout. Decent gains should follow.
  5. er.. DBA was 2 weeks ago, DBC last week.
    Need more coffee.
  6. screw coffee, you need more wheat corn oil gold aluminum and heating oil... and so does everybody else. PILE IN!!!