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    DBA- etf that tracks corn, wheat, soybeans, and sugar.

    Is my thinking to simplistic? Isnt this a screaming buy at these levels? The world is not going to stop eating because of this Financial crisis. World population is still going up. People have to eat. These commodities have to turn around at some point. DBA has been taken out to the woodshed along with everything else... Even if one has to sit on it awhile this is a huge buy at these levels. Unless we go into a huge depression and ALL financial assets are deflated (more so)? I would like your take....
  2. TOP 10 HOLDINGS ( 106.16% OF TOTAL ASSETS )

    Symbol % Assets
    Cbt Wheat (Fut) 3.16
    Corn (Fut) 20.81
    Corn (Fut) 8.73
    Soybean (Fut) 22.67
    Soybean (Fut) 7.26
    Sugar (Fut) 21.91
    Wheat (Fut) 21.62

    Deflation in overdrive and hedge fund redemption through October.

    Wait a little longer.
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    thanks clubber...
  4. DBA doesn't have enough "price history". The commodities in the fund traded at lower levels before DBA was launched. Don't be too surprised to see it "in the teens". :cool:
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    Thats a good point. Will take that into consideration....