DB that connects to TS 8.1 and IB

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by genomik, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. genomik



    I have two differennt accounts; Tradestion 8.1 with Radar Screen and Interactive Brokers. The TS is great for about 1-2000 stocks and some other things as well, whereas IB has many more exchanges worldwide.

    Problem is that I have a world of 5,000 stocks that I want to categorize and link, rate and annotate, screen and compare.

    So for example I take Applied Biosystems ABI. I might want to mention who their relevant PCR competitors are (Cepheid CPHD).
    I then may want to rate them as 8/10 long term but for next 3 weeks they are 5/10.

    I know some screeners do some of this, but the important thing is for me to annotate it, add searchable notes so I can find a company when I want. Lastlyit would be great to interact somewhat with TS or IB, at least so far as providing a parsable txt output that can go into those programs.

    Maybe there are many that do this, maybe not. Please help me get some indight.

  2. guy2


    I like your ideas Genomik and you made me think of Google Earth when reading that. I'm surprised that Google hasn't ventured into this area yet...

    I don't use TS but I'm trying to find out what the Radar Screen is. I've heard about it... What does the Radar Screen do?