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    Well I had quite an exciting experience with this guy.:D => :mad:

    But what's up with this rumor? Citi was in Europe, but then that could mean nothing.

    Sounds like a nice play right on the table.
  2. what i wanna fukin know is how could tradethenews.com have been sooooooo late with it?????

    these guys are inept scumbags and im a dumbshit for forkin up $450 a month
  3. Casey30


    I Are they really that bad?
  4. <gulp> FOUR FITY? Holy She-ite, that's robbery. I had the trial thru LOS 'cause I subbed to the dedicated phone squawk. That friggin' squawk drove me nuts, I swear I heard the "20b @ 50" in my sleep. It was great when I was traveling and needed some quotes, but not worth the annoyance-factor for me.

  5. nitro



    nitro :D :D :D
  6. Even bid - - - even bid - - - even bid - even bid at 20, even bid - - - even bid - 20's trading now . . . EEEEEEven offered!

    :D :D :D
  7. AAARRGGHHH!!!!!!


  8. today ... sold 100 then another 100 $ higher ... was

    trying to figure out why DB was so strong today ...

    thought maybe it was following a buy program ramp up

    somehow ... then a sell program hit the tape and I

    was able to cover my 200 shares for a slight profit

    before it ramped up again :p
  9. "setharb"....you trade 100-200 shares?.....did your parents have any sons?
  10. not sure what you mean unless its that I do not have conjones

    to trade DB more size ... well good luck to you ....

    do you even try trading this ADR ?
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