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  1. I'm off on a search for my collection of trading techniques again, and have come across this and am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of it? Before I get blasted for looking for the holygrail, I will tell you I like to add new material to the hand every so often and have found useful material along the way. \
    Thanks for the input
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    wow! 2 for price of 1 already
    "This is a slight variation of the primary method so you actually get two techniques not just one."
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    ROFLMAO! How can you go wrong with that deal? Too bad I carelessly misplaced my credit card, else I'd be all over that.
  4. Look at and use the search for and you'll see there ideas on if it works.
    Hope it helps.
  5. Thank you for the link to TSworld. For me that covers it, I can live without this one. I'll look for something else to learn form, maybe just do more searches here and at TSWorld.
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    there are hundreds of so call the system on the net and new one popping up every day, it 's a never ending quest.