DayTradingRadio up $900 since June 2011

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by BlueTurtle, May 16, 2012.

  1. I like that they show the eminis during the day, but according to their website here are their results. Last month on the site was June 2011.

    So, from June 2011 to today (updated on home page, current month)

    Losses noted: $31,290

    Winners noted: $34,909

    Current month: Down 2714

    So in about a year this is a gain of $900.

    They certainly talk about many, many ways to make money in the market and what works, what doesn't work, etc...

    But I can't pay for a subscription with this kind of return.

  2. Dura


    I certaintly agree with you. I followed the show for quite somwtime, however I never subscribed. I just wanted to see which trades they were taking and when. I could then learn from that. But after analyzing the returns myself. I could tell that activating a membership with this website wasn't in my best intrest. It still amazes me how so many people can watch the show with such a losing streak. I do remember last year one month he made around 15 large. This could be why people are sticking around. They may be waiting for another month like that to come along.
  3. just checked it out and I feel like I'm watching the horse racing channel. It sort of seems like that shadow trader thing on TOS which can keep you company during the day but also totally f*&^% with your head if you already trade in a manner that works. To trade based on on somebody else's ideas is suicide in the long run. But I have no idea how to day trade so...
  4. bellman


    It seems they do a lot of swing trading. maybe more than daytrading. I'd listen in for fun if I thought they were going to make daytrading calls.
  5. If they were able to make money then they wouldn't have a website.