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    first of all I have to say that I like this community a lot. I have been watching for quite some time now. I never found a thread though about daytrading coaching. I am at a point now, where I need someone to coach me. I have been browsing thru some offers and the one from seems very fair(money back speaks for itself etc.). Is there someone here, who already had a coaching with him?

    thank you!!!
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    If I were you I'd much rather go to an ECHOTRADE seminar. Or a Bright seminar if it's in your area. Ask Rtharp about Echotrade seminars. IMHO real live training is better than online coaching. If you're willing to spend 3K, you can take a seminar with Linda Bradford Raschke. She was in market wizards.
  3. why not go to and read everything there then take the free trial?
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    the training is live and and one-on-one. Regarding mtrader...I looked at their stuff and it seems very interesting, but what I really need is something one-on-one, nothing online or written...
  5. Where are you located geographically? Are you more interested in someone close to where you are or does that not matter. I ask because I know of other "coaches" though most are on the west coast.
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    Hi stxtrader,

    I can only recommend Jens's coaching. I was with him for a while and he is still supporting me, that’s just really good service. The coaching itself was very very practical and an immense help on putting things together for me. I haven't seen any other one-on-one coaching in that price category - others charge you up to 500$ per hour or over 20K per week. I would strongly suggest to get in contact with Jens and than you can figure out for yourself...


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    @DAT, I am on the east coast. Something over here would be better. I would appreciate though if you could send me the info. My email address is

    thanks so much !
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    I wouldnt give this guy a plug even consider him after carefully reviewing his site leads me to believe that you shouldnt be trading...

    Read more...join some chatrooms and lurk...but dont think this guy is gonna make you a trader

    my two cents
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    oneway...I looked at several chat rooms and carefully reviewed all the material and yes, some of them are really good. I do think however that I can decide for myself what type of service I personally need and if I qualify as a trader.

    Thank you
  10. Hi,

    I would say try it. Sign up with Jens. If you made a week or two better trading based on the coaching you get the fee back from the market.

    IMHO personal coaching is a good, fast and pain less way to consistent successful trading.
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