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  1. GFT


    I'm going to start to daytrade the mini's on cbot/cme.

    Which one are the best to daytrade?

    What profit/loss ratio do you accept, what stoploss do you use?

    What product has the most volatility/liquide to daytrade?

    Let me know
  2. GFT,

    Go read the Journal threads, Index Futures threads, Strategy threads, Psychology threads et cetera to see what traders are specifically saying about the following:

    Stop Loss
    Which they enjoy trading

    Just spend some time reading the posts here at ET.

    Just don't forget that every trader are going to have different answers simply because they have different needs, different expectations, different account size, different level of experiences, different strategies...

    Most important of all...different personalities.

    For example, to one trader a 3 point stop is a wide stop.

    To another trader its a tight stop.

    Why...they are using different strategies or different trade methodology.

    Start reading and start using a realtime simulator and you'll find your answers based on how you trade and not on how someone else trades.

    Once again, start reading the threads here...don't spend time reading the flames, personal attack wars...

    Skip over that junk and look for what traders are saying specifically about what your interested in.

    Use ET search menu in the upper right corner to find old posts or useful information that may have been posted among or within a different topic.

    "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."--Marcel Proust