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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Steve72, Oct 21, 2001.

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    Did anyone here attend Daytrading University's free seminar on Saturday? I did and thought it was pretty good info for free. I wish we could have posted questions live though.

    I am trying to get a link that was posted by one of the guest speakers. His name was Scott something and he was talking about order execution, SuperSOES, etc. I thought his site was tradetrek or something but now I can't find it. He posted a link to a portion of a level 2 course available on the site and part of it was on shorting which I would really like to review. If anyone attended and saved the links please let me know. Thanks.

    PS found out about this message board from the guy who told me about the seminar. I have spent the last 4 hours going trough thread after thread. What a fantastic collection of useful ideas, experiences, etc for someone relatively inexperienced like me. Thanks for a great resource!
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    to a section on shorting. There was also one on Supersoes and it had simulated animated level 2 scenarios. Maybe the transcript will be available from Daytrading University site and I can get the specific links there.
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    I had bookmarked the links but when I tried to access them they are password protected.
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    Yes there was a user and password he gave out. I think it was dtu/dtu. I had watched the shorting one once and it was really great because it had a moving real level 2 screen that he was narrating as it showed an example of going short while it was hard to get an uptick. I think it was showing that you enter the order at a price below the bid and wait for just the right moment, but I thought you could not short to the bid if its a downtick.

    Anyway I wanted to go back and watch it again after the seminar buy did not bookmark the page and then when I cleared my browser like I do every week I lost it. So if you still have the specific links could you post them and/or try entering the dtu/dtu and see if it works.
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    I took the bookmarks off. Yeah the password for yesterday was dtu/dtu but I forgot.
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    Has anyone ever gone through the entire course offered by TradeCourse? The samples on the site look pretty good. Very detailed, narrated level 2 situations etc.

    Also, has anyone actually been a member of the Daytrading University chatroom? Is it good for learning as well? Thanks.
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    Does anyone know about a chat-log since I didn't have time to attend the whole seminar.

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    I think Ken C said it would be available though he had to work it out with the guest speakers. I am trialing his chat room right now (today first day) and I must say I was pretty impressed with the accuracy of his calls. Plus I learned a lot too.

    By the way, re: my earlier most, Scott from TradeCourse said he would re-post the links to his Level 2 course tomorrow in Ken's room since it appears most did not get a chance to view them. I did only briefly and they were pretty cool because they showed moving level 2 scenarios as he explained the nuances of using SOES, shorting etc. I will post the links here for those who were in the seminar but not in the daily room (assuming its is OK)
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