Daytrading & Swing trading Journal. Multi-Million challenge.

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  1. BeenASon


    Hello everybody,

    I am a 22 years-old trader. I have been around for 4 years now in this world, most of it studying and trying to develop a killer strategy for me, and not trading so much. Most of my knowledge come from online resources(some paid, some free) just like many people, I even have studied a Master in a finance & stock school and have been at London school of economics.

    All this learning process has taken me in creating a day & swing trading strategy which aims to harvest some markets inefficiencies. The strategy is going very well in paper trading and I think I am ready to trade it live.

    So, I am starting this journal to keep record of the performance of the strategy in a public way, and also to keep me motivated.
    I will trade with Interactive Brokers and I will publish a daily statement of the performance.
    It is just an anecdote but the final goal would be get multi-millionare with this strategy.

    Thank you so much and would love to hear from you guys.
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  2. algofy


    well he did go to stock school, the market rewards such things obviously. Best of luck.
  3. carrer


    Can you describe your strategy briefly?

    What instrument do you trade?

    When you mentioned swing, how long on average do you hold?
  4. BeenASon


    Thank you Algofy.
    Carrer, yeah, sorry I didnt gave any details. I will trade US Stocks & European Stocks, long and short.
    The average holding period of the trades is 4-6 days. The day trading part average holding is 30-120 mins.
    Money still have not arrived to my IB account despite today I had some decent setups to short & long, so I will have to wait a little more.
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  5. Visaria


    What is stock school?
  6. I hope you make a million, or better yet..."Multi-Million" from trading.

    Make Trading Great Again 2018, High-Five` ;)