Daytrading sucks, I lost 33 dollars

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    100 01/07/2011 28.43 2852.99 S 01/07/2011 28.30 2819.96 (33) Short

    Daytrading sucks, it is so much work to monitor stocks news and all that crap and then you lose 33 dollars to those goldman sachs people with hft computers.

    I tried to do my first daytrading and I lost money, I am gonna stick to options, dont daytrade you will lose money.
  2. Uh huh. Those Goldman Sachs people are high-fiving one another at the main office and "living it up" on your $33 loss. :D

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  4. Stick to slinging crack rock, ghetto boy :p

  5. You must be doing something wrong. Everyone I know who makes money day trading made money on their very first trade, and have made money on every trade since.
  6. well part of the problem is the underlying you chose to day trade... try futures ;)
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    Let me guess.

    You were probably prophetizing which direction price would go, and then placed your trade accordingly.
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