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  1. Hey...

    I take a lot of scalp trades in a day and some speculative... like where a stock is going to close at EOD. With my style of trading, finding a good stock is 60% of the job done. Hence this journal.

    By good stock I don't mean something which I can forecast; rather which moves. A stock which moves straight a point(or 2%) in first 30 minutes can worst be a miss. But it cannot give loss to anyone who has common sense.

    I will refrain from posting any individual trades because by discussing past trades tend to get attached and give them too much importance. Have 3+ years of profitable trading experience, but hey, every day is a new day. When I see a up/down bias will try to mention the particular price behavior as reason for the bias.

    I do have 'regular' stocks, don't change all my stocks each day. But here, will mention only the ones which pop up on my watchlist. Initially, let me only mention those which I will focus at market open. For me English is a second language. Will talk about more details gradually while mentioning stocklist.

    Wish me good luck!
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    Good luck... when again are you going to post your picks?
  3. Thank you. Each day about 10 mins prior to market open. I trade actively in premarket as well.
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    Downward bias today?
  6. hey no :D I didnt expect the market to go straight down but nevermind I'm in decent profit :)
  7. All of the stocks gave straight straight significant moves after market open. Thanks I had no bias to short/long... made money in spr, rost, vrsn, gps on long side. Attaching charts for reference. Lost money in regn trying to pick bottom and buying repeatedly around .55. Made most in spr.

    My Objective for this journal is to become more systematic in picking trades. I had a bad losing streak in 2009( However, such losses can be avoided trusting one's common sense and being systemic.

    Wish me good luck!
  9. Lost money in sny, aipc. Picking up aipc was mistake, its too illiquid. SNY was another mistake, it only seldom moves significantly. Got a good trade in arg. Charts attached for reference.
  10. DLTR(-), CIT, CVS, HAS, ARG, WAT(-)

    + = long bias
    - = short bias
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