Daytrading spreadsheet/database and statistical analysis

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  1. I'm looking for a program or a programmer that can help me with the following problem. I'd like to keep record of all my trades(hundreds to thousands per day) that I can download to an excel spreadsheet everyday and compile a statistical analysis of all the trades.

    I'd like the daily records to be used to give me breakdowns for the month regarding net profit and loss and shares traded over certain times. Also, I'd like a monthly breakdown on stocks(profit/loss).

    I am also wondering if there is a tool that allows you to keep record of all your trades and download data from a 3rd party(yahoo or msn finance or esignal) and run statistical analysis on those trades. For instance, performance on stocks bought within 1% Of their 52 week high. Or performance based on unusual volume. Or performance based on stock price or perhaps techincal factors like performance above and below bollinger bands for instance. I think it would be very valuable to see raw numbers that describe what an active trader's strengths and weaknesses are.

    I've seen sda technologies tradesmart product and i feel there is much more needed than that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I have some potential models in excel if you would like to PM me. Or feel free to pass along a program if it's out there.
  2. what platform are u currently trading with?
  3. sounds like you would need a database to store all of your trades. The rest should be pretty easy.
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