Daytrading SMH..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trend Fader, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. Does any successfully daytrade the SMH... I am talking those that daytrade for quarters?

    Is it liquid enough? It appears smoother and more liquid than some of the semi stocks. What interests me most is the fact that u can short w/o an uptick. Does the fact that it trades on the AMex make the executions poor?

    Any insight would be helpfull.

  2. lescor


    My limited experience trading is is this. If you look at a full qoute with all the ecn's, you'll see that amex and nyse are almost never on the inside. So you can get instant executions and the inside spread is usually only 1-2 cents.
  3. I use IB broker.. what would be the ideal type of routing? Would SMART be a good idea?

    Also.. if I were to place market orders.. is it highly likely that it can get frozen with the amex specialist? What ECN is a dominant player with SMH?