Daytrading: Should I consider other software than NinjaTrader?

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  1. Hello all,

    After a break from the game, I'm slowly getting back into the game. I'm currently in research mode and putting together my methodology, but I want to decide on a charting software.

    In the past, I've used NinjaTrader and for my needs, it has worked perfectly and has been very stable.

    For what it's worth, I will be daytrading the ES futures contract. Not scalping, but short term intraday plays. The last time around, I traded directly from the charts and it seemed to work fine for placing orders.

    I will be using time-based charts, but also tick and volume charts. I will most likely employ a few indicators as well.

    I'm not quite up to speed on other software and haven't used NinjaTrader intimately in a while, so I'm asking EliteTrader what's the latest experience with NT and if I should consider any other software for my purposes?

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. mikimaria


    I recommend MultiCharts because I had an excelent experience using it. This is a fast, solid, and very powerful backtesting and chartingplatform.
  3. xandman


    NT 8 looks very promising. It is in the 2nd round of beta testing.
  4. piezoe


    yes, you should consider other software. Look at Sierra Charts and Rithmic. Also CQG.
  5. M.ST.


    Try AmiBroker and/or Sierra Charts.
    NT and Multicharts are kiddy softwares. Later ones (MC) don't even know what they are actually developing at some stages. You need example? If so then say so.
    And NT... hundreds of years in beta mode to implement basic stuff existing elsewhere already for same amount of time? Are you serious?
  6. Thanks, everyone.

    If it's not too much to ask, please tell me why you think mentioned software is better than NT. I could perhaps also mention that I'm interested in minimizing my operational costs, at least initially, and NinjaTrader seems to be fairly cheap. :)

    Yes, please.

    Like I said already, I never had any issues using NT and I used it quite a bit, both in simulation and live trading with Interactive Brokers. :)
  7. i960


    Yes you should use or checkout atleast Sierra Chart. :)
  8. CQG charts, X trader DOM.
  9. xandman


    He is looking for a solution that works on IBKR. He doesn't need all that functionality.

    Another platform you can look into is Motive Wave. Don't let the idea of Elliot Wave turn you off. The platform is more than that. But, Ninjatrader is the best choice for you.
  10. What is IBKR?
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