Daytrading Resume?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by EF4869, Feb 13, 2004.

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    I've been trading my own money for about three years but am about to start looking for investment banking/money mgt. jobs. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to "sweeten" my daytrading experience on me resume? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Do you mean a job with a company, or on your own? It would depend on those two questions.
  3. If you have a proven track record there still real prop jobs available at places like BSC. They give you a bankroll and a year end profit tgt. You will have to pound the pavment for these wont find them on YHOO hot jobs. Good luck.
  4. you'll have to run faster than the AOL 9.0 Man to get that job..

    this matter has been discussed many times on many threads, search through the archives..

    seems like those who trade independently are not the material that these firms care to hire, enmass. It does happen, when there are other factors overridding ones experience,

    such as race (careful, I'm a little yellow man that kicks butt)

    such as family affiliation...

    such as collegiate background...

    short of these, perhaps you're a friend to a Hedge Fund rum runner or something

    (that's just the realities of it...)
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    I am trying to get a job with a company! Thanks for the reply. Could I consider myself a hedge fund? That might be a stupid question but I know "daytraders" (myself included) are looked at as the scum of the earth so I'm trying to avoid that word.
  6. Before I became a prop trader i worked for major brokerage house as market maker. First step is you must be registered series 7, 55. If you have those and a proven track record I beleive you will do well in interviewes.Also most firms like when a person makes it on their own first like yourself.
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    the way i did moine was to makw acheivement based to show a progession of skill development and trading ability. if you pm I can show it to you.
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    I also worked as a market maker and am 7,55, and 63 liscensed. I'm just trying to figure out how to describe my current employment without using the word daytrader.
  9. I dont think it will matter since you have industry exp. I would just state that you were daytrading to sharpen your trading skills, since you were a MM you wanted to trade from the other side, it can only make you a more experienced traded
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    Yes. It is not going to be easy. Goldman and Merrill are laying off equity traders this week.

    Good Luck !!!
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