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  1. I like to pick and disect Daytrading. Why did it happen and
    how timely it is still. I can't waste time to get into "old threads"
    and argue over swing versus DT etc.etc

    So daytrade if there is a special dt margin advantage - futures have it. (def - I would love if ib offered it too, without that I
    only have a stock account)

    No argument against daytrade and scalp there if you are any good. actually holding index futures over night would be an interesting thread (alone) - of course if one had multi points gain whould you sell ?
    Well I may seems the futures are getting to be a 24 hour
    market almost.(with overnight /oversees trading) afternoon
    session.....(overnight) stops are a joke.

    Reason to do it in the stocks ?

    Daytrade if there is a huge danger to hold overnight.
    Well here is my problem....the huge danger has disappeared
    when Q, YHOO, QCOM and other $ 300-400 per share whales
    become minnows. The danger to hold overnight becomes the
    same question again. Was it a right trade to start ???
    It the answer is yes, well, by selling you may be "giving it away"
    and make your broker rich. The idea is that as a trader you are
    suppose to take some risk to get rich ! You get paid well if
    you are right. I fully agreed with DT and did it myself as scalper
    trader etc. while we had the prices when it could and did drop
    $80 overnight. (Which was that "beauty" I forgot...?????)

    I have been trading IBM and futures/funds and I have no problem
    making money. IBM has a range of 20 points it may even get
    wider now (if we head to fall "fall")
    Again I don't want to make a broken record thread.....
    If anyone feels "danger" holding CSCO, SUNW these levels over night before a expected move (up or down) - I share you pain. Don't do it.
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    I daytrade because I have an edge, and that edge only calls to hold a position for anywhere from 10mins to 5hrs.....

    I also swingtrade because I have an edge there as well, and that edge calls to hold a position for anywhere from 1-5days

    I do not exploit my daytrading edge because I am afraid or think its not wise to hold a position overnight....I daytrade because thats what one of my edges call for....

    I don't think its a matter of which one is better realy, its more which one suits the market and more importantly yourself the best at any given time....
  3. could you please expand if you will (of course if it's a propriatery
    info ) I would understand. What do you define "edge" ? and how is that you have that versus the next guy.
    is it speed - or prop info s/r levels ? what ?
    I used to have an edge cause I traded bond ETF's and had little risk and could scalp buy on bids offer (along the specialist) and as
    "public" he had to trade with me. (even as a professional I was)
    THIS WAS AN EDGE cause most others "gambled" !!!

    Nasdaq MM is an edge (if public orders are there)
    Being a Specialist is an edge.
    Futures Floor trader (with a buddy broker) is an edge.

    just buying on a bid and selling offers may be an edge, yet
    as more and more can do it - it's edge no more.
    If your edge maybe a trading technique please clarify.
    P.S. I am not doubting you but I suspect you just have a method
    that works for you now. I don't think one must have an edge
    to make money. But if you do you make more and safer.
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    I don't think you need a reason in order to think you have an edge.

    You make money == you have an edge

    Hope I had a CONSISTENT one :D


  5. Well there is always new thing to learn :cool:
    Ciao to you