Daytrading quickly becomes a bullsh*t job, and as such people justify it?

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  1. It's amazing how people justify their bullshit jobs:

    Daytrading quickly becomes a bullshit job, no income, no future, no connections, no useful experience, no nothing.

    Just a fool generating commissions and wasting his money and time in the process.

    So daytraders tend to justify their failure to keep failing?
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    A handy desk reference for those pesky conference call questions from analysts.:cool:
  3. 1) Did you forget to take your "meds" this morning?
    2) Difficulty on your part does not mean impossibility on someone else's part.
    3) ALL jobs have those "attributes". :( :eek: :mad: :(
  4. crgarcia is just a perpetual demotivator.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    why are you here?
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    Hear hear.
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  8. garcia, your real problem is you're preaching a drug free life in an opium den.

    you think these addicts are going to acknowledge anything you have to say?
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    but it is the thought that counts however 'perpetual demotivator' has a nice ring to it.
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    Those who can't releive their frustrations by bashing those who can.

    Good luck in your janitorial job.
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