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    Uh oh, another new poster, listing some picking site in one of his first posts, and innocently asking, "Did anybody here try these guys"... :eek:
  3. Put it this way, he recommended SANG as the last trade in Feb 2002... It traded 9,400 shares on Friday. I would like to see anyone day trade a stock with thin liquidity like that!! He obviously doesn’t trade.

    (By the way if he replies by defending the site and putting me down he obviously runs the site, we all know that buy now. E.G Sam and
  4. There is quite a few on there with volume traded under 10,000 per day, no good.
  5. AHMMB...

    Check this guys LINKS at his site and do a WHOIS search...

    You will find he owns all of them...

    Makes me think twice and YOU should too!!! always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
  6. And regards to brothers WWatson and Rock for their diligent efforts in expsoing Ye. For The Brethren of EliteTrader are surely too quick-witted and intelligent to fall for such obvious hype, alas we are like the Shepards who Guard the Sheep.
  7. lol, DATT :)
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    Thank You Rock and wwatson

    Yes they are not good

    If anybody out there knows of a good swing or daytrading stock picking site please post here.

    thanks in advance for all who positively contribute.
  9. Dearest Brother Pussy,

    I had a funny feeling you would throw your hat into the ring and offer us

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