Daytrading or Swing Trading or just trading

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    Based on capital returns over a year.

    Is daytrading more profitable than swing trading.

    Daytrading versus swing trading or portfolio hedging etc.

    Why do some traders don't recommend daytrading?
  2. Daytrading has the most potential for profit because you can risk X% of capital more times per year.

    Daytrading is more difficult because decision timeframes are shorter so emotions/impulses/reactions are more likely to damage your outcomes.
  3. I agree with Kiwi, Daytrading is the hardest to master but the most profitable.

  4. What percentage of account growth should one expect from a Top Daytrader VS a Top Swing Trader?
  5. A good swing trader will make more money than a bad daytrader and a good daytrader will make more money than a bad swing trader.

    These are different styles and I do not think you can make a meaningful statement comparing the two. Some people are better suited to trade intraday and others are better holding positions for days or weeks.
  6. What your saying is true and obvious. Do you not have an informed opinion on which style has the most potential and why?

    If one was to descide upon pursuing one style vs the other and was capable to go either way...purely on potential returns...which would it be?
  7. How much money are you talking about? The more capital you have, the longer the time frame (in the most general sense). Try daytrading stocks with 10mil and see what kind of percentage return you get in a year.
  8. My point is that it depends solely on the individual so I think it is hard to simply say one style is better than the other with respect to potential returns. The question smells of a quest to be told which is better so that one can simply choose that style from the beginning.

    This is a huge mistake. A trader should simply choose the style and approach that best fits their risk management, personaility, capital size, tolerance and emotional stability.

    The style with the most potential is the one that matches your own investment style.

    If you are asking based on the fact that one was capable in either, then it still comes down to what you are comfortable with. I personallly advocate doing both, trading intraday and taking swing trades off of daily charts if you have good set ups and risk management.
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    Are you in the Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur trade ?
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    there is an opinion that supershort-term sistems for trading are unstable, even yf you correctly testing and optimized you sistem. i mean that sistem which hold the position about 7-8 hours for long and 2-3 hours for short. what you are think about this?
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