Daytrading NYSE gaps

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EatenAlive, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Revisiting the old gap trade but looking for both old and new ideas to hone in on the best, highest probability trades

    Using a real-time filter (ex. Trade Ideas or similar service)

    1) This thread devoted to NYSE stocks that gap DOWN on the open
    2) Looking for LONG trades only
    3) Gap to be a minimum of 50 cents but up to several points
    4) Parameters are NYSE stocks, a reasonable minimum average volume and a minimum price (ex. $10)
    5) Also taking into consideration the SP futures concurrent movement ... holding steady or moving up (not tanking though) ... and with its open relatively even with prior day's close or with it also gapping down on the open
    6) Entry on stocks can be right off the open or any time throughout the day (but especially during the first 30 minutes)

    Looking for specific ideas of how to pinpoint best trading candidates from what's offered. Whatever criteria that can be employed ... including 1 to 5 minute charts and their action (patterns) ... to isolate those with the highest probability of an up move of reasonable distance ... especially considering the hybrid-induced peculiarities we're dealing with now.

    There's decent money to be made here (and lost too, of course). Let's dig into it as best we can here!

    Any and all ideas welcome while staying on topic. Let's be as specific as possible on our descriptions and criteria.