Daytrading Journal?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PinkBunny, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. From everything I've read about trading keeping a trading diary is a fundamental necessity for those who truly wish to succeed in this game. Next week I start trading for real, with real money and a mentor. I'm concerned about how I should handle the trading diary aspect since I'll be daytrading and NYSE tape reading and thus in and out of stocks in seconds. I don't want to miss trades because I'm writing down stuff, but I don't want to forget later in the day "why" I made a certain trade because I made so many trades that day.

    Do I need a digital voice recorder to talk into after making a trade?

    Should I do what Elder recommends daytraders do, which is write down every fifth trade?

    I can type inhumanly fast; should I just type?

    Should I not worry about a trading journal during the day and just go over my trades at the end of the day and write down notes?

    Thanks for the time and help.
  2. That 'd be the obvious thing, wouldnt it?