Daytrading is a churning trap advised by brokers...

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  1. ...and you fell for it!
  2. havent we have had enough garbage from the likes of this scrub?,, truth is most daytraders wouldnt get out of bed for what you make (truth hurts sometimes) so stfu
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    And Buy & Hold is what?

    An excuse for brokers and financial advisors not to ever be held accountable for their recommendations.

    The lesson here for ANY strategy is to follow your OWN guidance and not be led around by someone else.

    So what else is new?
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    Exactly. Well said.
  5. i have no idea why it took me so long to put u on ignore

    Its the only way I've been able to consistently make money in my 21 year career. Also, as a futures trader, its the only low risk method to use massive leverage. I have my eye on my position at all times, and can cover in about a second.

    Just cause YOU can't do it garcia, does not mean it is not a valid method of earning a living.

    Finally, I haven't spoken with a retail broker in years, and even when I was starting out, they never pushed day trading.
  7. It's true, but afterso many years i still win.
  8. Wrong...there are people who make money consistently. The probabilities are low, probably for these factors:

    - Lack of discipline.
    - Lack of enough capital.
    - Bad system.
    - High hopes, greed, and psychological issues.
    - Etc.

    That being said, there are still plenty of good day traders.
  9. Brokers and Financial Advisors will be sent packing.

    You will see one of the biggest Layoff numbers with in the "Sector".

    Daytraders will be able to still make a living, all though, might get heavy taxed.
  10. Most?
    Most daytraders lose money, this is a plain fact.
    I have been profitable, so far.

    And yes they have such a sky-high, unreallistic expectations, (and wouldn't even wakeup for a high probability, moderate profit strategy); that they all end up losing money.
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