Daytrading IPE Futures COIL and GAS

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    The GOIL and GAS futures on the IPE appears to have decent volume, enough to day trade perhaps (60K in COIL volume today).

    See IB's website for some info on the IPE contracts at

    IB's margin requirements for the IPE contracts don't seem too onerous either:

    Looking at the 5 minute chart for the past few days, it appears as if most of the volume occurs at 10 AM through 2:30 PM New York time, and that it's fairly liquid during those times.

    A few questions for those of you who trade COIL and GAS:

    1. When does the COIL and GAS futures typically rollover from to the next month's contract?

    2. Why does the August GAS contract has more volume than September contract, while for the COIL contract the September contract has more volume than the August?

    3. Is there anything else that we should know about trading these instruments?

    I've never traded oil futures before, so any thoughts you have on COIL and GAS would be appreciated.


    -- MMM
  2. ids


    August COIL (crude oil) futures expire tomorrow.
  3. just21


    ids, when are the IPE options going to be available on IB?
  4. I agree, more futures options on IB (GE, Coil, currencies, gold, ags)
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    Unfortunately, I do not know exact time but software part is ready. The part the keeps us off is outside of my knowledge. The problem with GLOBEX/ECBOT options is trading hours on the exchange. We will not offer these options before their trading hours will cross pit trading hours.
  6. just21


    You have ES options on globex, they seem to be available before, during and after the sp pit is open.
  7. ids


    That is what it is all about. Currency options electronic trading hours do not cross pit trading hours. That is a problem. ES is fine.
  8. Where can I view quotes of the COIL options ( for free) ?
    Since oil is so volatile, I'd feel much safer with the options than the futures:D
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    IPE currently down?
  10. just21


    When are IB going to get volume information for options on futures?
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