Daytrading in Taiwan/Malaysia/Brazil?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jvspek, May 28, 2011.

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    I have been happily trading in NYC for 10 yrs, but i think it is time for a change. Internet speed is my main concern. I speak both mandarin and english so i'm thinking of moving to either Malaysia/Taiwan for long term and visiting Brazil for a few months. Anyone have any suggestions or experiences trading in these countries?
  2. Malaysia only wants bumiputras or the malay race. if you are chinese or indians, you are treated badly. all government services cater to the malay race as first priority, and disregard or delay chinese or indian requests or applications unless you give bribe. google for "malaysia brain drain" to read about how 88% of skilled emigrants leaving malaysia are ethnic-chinese. google for "malaysia corruption" to read about how you can be stopped randomly on highways, so that the traffic police can extort R$50 for favor in not writing you a ticket. doesn't matter if you are speeding or not, they just need that R$50. you also need to slide in R$100 in your passport to get papers done quicker. if they find no money in your passport you can even lose your papers accidentally due to unknown reasons. all government papers and applications move faster if you put in some money.

    Malaysia also has official language in malay and if you don't read malay you have alot of problems getting around. Taiwan is traditional chinese characters so if you are from mainland China (using simplified chinese characters since 1956), you might have some problems reading the road signs or government forms in traditional chinese characters. HongKong and Singapore are english speaking. Singapore gets alot of bad press in western media for caning criminals and executing murderers, but if you are not into serious crime then it should never bother you. there are no jury trial in Singapore so if you did the crime, don't expect to talk your way out blaming insanity or childhood abuse ..... they follow the law strictly. if you are used to american style justice, where this guy can fake insanity, in Singapore they go by commonsense and execute the shooter. other than that, Singapore is a well run country with the best internet connection using optics fibre,
    there are no capital gains tax in these countries so if you are tired of tax returning for trading, you can enjoy doing absolutely no paper work in these countries. no tax on your trading, no filing of anything other than to count your money.
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    frank01st ...thanks for the info.

    I am in China ( Wuhan) now and trading the US market is absolutely .. so very hard ,, as far as the hours goes.

  4. if you are in China, you might consider switching to trading forex instead. the London session is about your afternoon, and after dinner you can watch the New York session open. in the mornings you can watch but no need to trade the slower Tokyo/HongKong/Singapore session. Tokyo starts at 8pmEST, Paris/Frankfurt at 2amEST, London 3amEST, New York 8amEST. you can stop trading around midnight your local time in China.
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    Frank01st .. thanks for the suggestions .. I will be travelling to Guangzhou all of next week and when I come back to Wuhan, I will start to look at Forex.

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    you cannot trade the local market.
    e.g. taiwan
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