Daytrading in secret on the job!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kazoil, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. Kazoil


    How many if you don't mind me asking trade while employed full-time? I have read many different levels from few trades to dedicated full time traders speak here.

    Do you have to hide it from your employer or do you have an "agreement" to use the broadband to your personal use as long as the job is done?

    Its really stressing me out to hit the hide key when a CEO walks in and stares at your screen! You are trying to get of a position and breaking out in a sweat!
  2. I work full time and swing trade with stop and limit orders that I put in before the open before I go to work, and I sneak on to this website during the day during slow periods.
  3. For swing trading maybe. For daytrading absolutely not! Trading requires all of your attention. You will lose money if you trade at work.

    Secondly not matter how cool people are at work, they aren't really the cool and the back stabbers will make sure your internet use becomes an issue. The best policy is to leave the recreational internet at home. Trust me I know.

    If you want to trade before US working hours try this Eurex futures contract

    Or try some flex work arrangement to leave a morning or two free during the week.
  4. nkhoi


    haha, wait until boss walk in on you and want to chat about work right after your order got excecuse, by the time the chatting finished you might find out you need to work for another year or two to pay it back, please don't do it.
  5. skynet


    its not the sartest thing to do. Do you think trading can be done by just watching the markets a couple of times a day? If you will be surprised!
  6. For those stuck in Dilbertville who have a passion for trading, I suggest the following: 1. Trade europe before work, 2. trade Asia or globex after work, 3. scalp trade small number of shares, put your sell in immediately after your buy fill, or 4. trade futures with a broker, give him limit buys and OCO exits and stops or have him trade your system. Or just tell the boss that you RULE THE FREAKIN' MARKETS!!!!!
  7. ctrader


    I have been using this program to swing trade for me (sort of) for the last week.

    It works good if you buy on breakouts, and have stop loss and limit sell targets. I set up my orders, and then let it run. I just check it occasionally to make sure the connection to IB is still up.
  8. Kazoil


    Thanks all for the great advice. Puffygums is totally right on the button about at work the coolness level disintegrating if someone gets a sniff that you make money while at work!

    Then you are smiled at a lot and feel something sharp in the back.

    Gee! I wonder why?