daytrading in Hawaii?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bat1, May 8, 2009.

  1. bat1


    I'm moving to Hawaii, Hilo just wondering what I'm going to
    encounter as a trader over there..

    like internet speed, service, state taxes, time diffence

  2. I hope you do know that Hawaii is part of United States of America and major tourist destination

    do you still have questions ??????

    More like you just wanted to tell people you are going to Hawaii :D
  3. DevInder


    I have been day trading in Hawaii. Because of the time difference I only day trade forex on the asian pacific session. There may be other securities that you can day trade in this time zone and if anybody knows anything about this please let me know. As far as internet you should be fine I get high speed cable over here on Oahu.
  4. If you ever get in trouble, just call Magnum P.I. :D
  5. bronks


    I'm curious, why Hilo?
  6. Book 'em, Dano!!!

  7. bronks


    You do know that 5-0 was ahead of it's time? Direct and complete influences on Law and Order, CSI types. Shit McGarret had his own forensics lab in the basement... with computers even!

    The similarities between Horatio and McG is so astounding that it's a complete character rip-off.
  8. NYC212


    what time do the markets open?

    3:30am? :confused:

  9. I never thought about it, I see the similarities, right down to the cool shades and tough-guy stance!
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  10. trendo


    "Hawaiian Eye" -- The granddaddy of Hawaiian crime shows.
    (39 second intro)
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