Daytrading for nickels and dimes.

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  1. Its so tiring.
  2. That's all you can do right now.

    Sometimes you can get lucky though.

  3. It is what it is.

  4. Some days nickels and dimes are all you can safely get, and some days you are a piker if you are only catching that. The hard part is being able to determine that very early on in the day.
  5. yeah, i just wish i took those days off. obviously its almost impossible to know in advance.
  6. why take off? Just learn to sharpen your game. This day sucks big time but I have been able to pull out $900 so far. I chip away small gains all day, hoping to add $300 or more by days end. Nothing flashy but it does add up. It IS a grind but its how I make a living. I cant change the market, only myself.

  7. Whats your typical cents avg per trade?

    WHat type of stocks were u trading today?
  8. hi steve ... are you willing to post here
    your avg size trade and if this is in equities
    futures and some of the trades you made today?

    if not ... thats ok .. no big deal ... plus in the bigger picture , one good day or bad day means nothing as long as its not too extreme

    good luck to you .

  9. Yes, in equities and today after taking a nice hit off the open and seeing that my stocks were trading a lot thinner than they normally would, I have been trading small positions, 500-1000 shares. Id rather not share what stocks I trade but I will tell you that today, overall, I am taking many smaller profits than normal due to the markets lack of follow through.

  10. fatrat


    Hmm. I got bled to death today. Lost $100. I broke even by mid-day, then lost it all again. Mostly on pissy trades that never followed through and had no backing.

    I noticed lower volume, I should've taken profits quicker. When I tried, I was only getting pennies that barely justified the trade.

    Are you saying I'll just develop an eye for this sort of thing in the future? I hate pestering you guys for tips, but what were you looking at to know that the follow-through just wasn't going to come? For me, I was expecting at least one major rally in the day which never came. I lost money in anticipation of that rally coming.
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