Daytrading european stocks

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  1. many uk traders use spreadbetters or CFDs to trade uk shares
    both of these avoid paying stamp duty on purchases
    & both allow leverage
    & both allow short as easy as long

    have a look at BB on
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    Hi there,

    most european exchanges are total electronic, it's like pure ECN trading on ISLAND. Take a closer look at Interactive Brokers's european commission schedule. min. 5 € per order, max. or cap is 29 € per order or .10 % of value. So if you buy 1000 shares of XYZ worth 90 € your pay 29 €, the cap. In the US you would pay 7.5 $ for 1000 shares. That calculation changes if your stock is trading at low prices. Infineon, one of Germany semiconductor stocks, trading at 5 €. You buy 5000 at 5 and you pay 25 €. With the US commissoin table that would be 27.5 $. That's the benefit, if you trade the low priced stocks. In Germany there is no tick rule for short sales, an advantage. You can watch the market order book, like on Island, and the execution are lighting speed. There is almost no difference between you and a trader of the bourse.
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