Daytrading ES will totally suck if: (1)S&P hits 500 and a (2) new bull market begins.

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  1. This is a decent market to daytrade right now but when the next bull market begins and volatility collapses its going to totally suck.

    Remember the 10 point ranges when VIX was sub 15 and the S&P was around 1400. That's a 0.7% range.

    If the next bull market starts at 500, we're gonna have 3.5 point ranges if VIX falls below 15 again.
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    CME would likely change the value of the tick and/or reduce margin commensurately.
  3. Increase size as volatility decreases
  4. I doubt CME would mess with their most popular product. Margins would probably go down though. I doubt they would change the tick level.
  5. Yea, don't see them changing the tick size.
  6. By then you posers will be so rich trading this easy money market, it wont matter.
  7. Markets are always changing. Get yours while the getting is good if you thrive in these current conditions.
  8. If ES ever has a 3.5 point range - I'm not even gonna bother daytrading it, I'm just gonna sell premium (calls and puts).
    Premium selling is going to make a huge comeback once there is true capitulation as the markets will likely be range bound for many years.
    The hundred year flood has already arrived, once it passes premium selling will be safe again.
  9. LMAO :cool:
  10. If we get a new bull market from 500 level, it will probably go to 1000 in a year. Lots of big easy trend days.

    If we get a sideways market at VIX below 30, at 500 level then things will get hard.

    Still you can trade the YM instead, market depth in YM will be much higher (perhaps 10 times higher at each level than compared to today) when the range is only 30pts a day.

    But 15 ticks or less in the ES a day will be seem silly... The chart will look very jaggy.
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