DAYTRADING: ES "Scalping" vs. ES "SwingTrading"

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Please expound on, agree with or correct my definitions of Daytrading the ES "scalping" vs. ES "SwingTrading"...only as it applies to overnight holding:

    ES "Scalping": multiple (10,20,50 trades per day) daytrades using Trin, Trix and plays of off volume etc.

    ES "Swingtrading": 1 or 2 trades off of MACD, divergences or pure price action...

    Thanks..many will benefit from the answers given...
  3. Really, you can use any of the tools you discuss even in swing trading to scalp. If you develop a MACD system on a one minute chart, you are most likely scalping with it. You could scalp on price action too. The number of trades as you discuss though does fit the mold of both.
  4. I don't scalp at all, I find it very tedious and annoying. 6-8 trades max/day for me. I look for moves where I can get at least 4 points while risking 1.5-2 points.
  5. I know which posts are yours before I open them...