Daytrading Cycles and Patterns

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  1. Neet


    I thought it would be nice to start a post on cycles and patterns you have found during daytrading to help each other out.

    If you have something that's worth mentioning please jump into the helping ship and post.

    I'll start....

    Between 11:45 to 12:15 the market tends to rally. Imho, due to money managers.

    Who's next ?

  2. What no charts????
    I can play this game, too.
    Market tends to have a reverse or a pullback between 945-1015.
    1030 on good (Very Bullish) or bad (Very Bearish) days. (depends on the way you look at it.)

  3. There have been several past threads on this topic.

    All have been short lived.

    Thus, unless there are charts, stats and what markets (trading instruments) specifically being discussed...

    This thread will end fast too.

  4. qxr1011


    If it's a business and not a joke, no one in his right mind will "help each other out" :)
  5. Neet


    Ah you but you must believe in Karma.
  6. I have noticed that the markets tend to rally in the morning unless they retreat or drift sideways.
    This has always been very reliable for me and i thought that it would be NICE to pass it on to you.
  7. romik


    Neet, there are lots of standard TA patterns that you can use both on stocks and futures, the difference between "the edge" type proprietary stuff and standard patterns is a win/loss ratio. Trading a simple method you are bound to have quite a few small losses, but they will be offset by your winning trades, as long as you manage them correctly. There are lots and lots of various methods posted on ET, research some of them, choose the one that suits you, gather stats based on your strategy and go for it. :)
  8. You can just stack the ES 1 min data over last year, you can see a pattern, :p
  9. I think he's looking for Day Trading Cycles (tendencies) instead of TA patterns.

    If I'm wrong...hopefully he'll correct me.

    Example of cycles or tendencies are at the below links I've posted many times before at ET in the past.

    However, the above info is mainly for swing traders or position traders.

    Yet, is useful for a day trader that has position size management as a key aspect of their trade methodology.

    As for intraday cycles or tendencies, you really need to monitor and maintain your own personal database for such because I have yet to come across any source that's specific to what I'm trading.

    You can't do such (database for intraday tendencies) unless you have a historical database on intraday price action data going back many many years that traversed many different types of market conditions.

    Simply, cycles or tendencies is just another useful trading tool that can be used with TA patterns.

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    Bobby Fischer once said: "I don't believe in psychology. I believe in good moves"

    As a trader, I believe in my method, which allow me to make the good moves... once in a while... :)
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