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    Flat at the end of the day..strictly day of the most despised, derided and misunderstood occupation..

    I opened an account in March 2012 with 20K...then added 10K a month later...
    I lost money every year except one in the last 12 years... day trading.. for that reason i don't think i need a larger account...

    I've been lurking on ET for almost 10 years.. with 70 posts i'm clearly low key...

    Let's see if i can make money this year... I'm trading a new strategy...I'm slightly up after 2 months and half...i don't really have a monetary goal..if i could not lose money that would be pretty cool..

    I will post blotter daily and equity curve weekly:)
  2. April 02 - June 08

  3. lousy day..went off strategy wasn't getting signals

    took couple of shorts in GBPCHF where it should've turned and it didn't got stopped then reversed and went long finished in the black

    i have a strategy, more like a framework with plenty of room inside it for discretionary elements..

    i get strong hunches about where price is headed
    sometimes it's agonizingly difficult to resist the temptation to act on them..

    later i took a trade in EURUSD according the plan and it went fine..

    +132 USD

  4. AK100


    You forgot one, and very expensive in costs..........
  5. adrenaline junky here...
    no trade..general sense of discomfort ..i need my fix..

    Had i traded properly today, i wouldn't have traded at all...

    Doing nothing is the hardest thing to do...

    I will take care of the problem.

    -240.36 USD

  6. RED FLAG!


  7. Thanks Mr Referee... :)
  8. I had a Zen day today...

    stand by, signal, trade entry, target hit..

    98.50 USD

  9. ..........................................

    1) went off strategy.

    2) plenty of room inside it for discretionary elements.

    3) adrenaline junky here.

    until you correct all of the above , you will continue to be in the unwashed 95%.




  10. I agree with 1) and 3)...the jury is out on 2)

    I believe a certain amount of discretion is unavoidable .. i think a strictly mechanical, rigid strategy is inappropriate to handle an organic, somewhat random, ever dynamically changing market...
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