daytrading chat rooms ,any good out there?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by andreika100, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. any good chat rooms(daytrading)out there that worth to try,and learn something from there??? thanks in advance
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  3. i mean real time daytrading chat rooms. thanks
  4. yeah theres the rev sharks site Alittle bit expensive. But its more of a social place then anything else.

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  6. Until he post details of what exactly he's looking for...

    The search link should be useful considering a realtime day trading room can be broken down into the following:

    * stocks
    * futures (Eminis, Eurex, Treasuries, NYMEX et cetera
    * Signal Calling
    * Free or Fee based
    * Moderated or Unmoderated
    * Educational or Non-Educational
    * Signal calling by a guru or everyone posting their trades
    * One trading style or diversity of different trading styles

    Many other types of day trading rooms.

    In other words, there's past threads here at ET where the specific details of rooms are discussed.

    I like #IndexFutures on the FinancialChat IRC server.

  7. stocks
    fee based