Daytrading breakouts in the ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by smitty, Jun 19, 2003.

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    You're a true martyr to me. I was looking through your thread, and found the following post.

    These are people who spout utter shit and have a core base of loyal followers prepared to follow their hero to the last. They don’t trade, they don’t make money, and you cannot understand what the hell they are saying. If they buggered off and had their own little Guru thread, then fair enough. But most of the time, they crash someone else’s thread and kill it with their stupidity. One classic example is Jack Hershey but there are others out there too. They usually have a very high post count as Elite Members. I have no patience with them because they talk drivel and they distract people.

    Of all the categories, these are the lowest form of life. They always have a Guru, they never trade, don’t make money, and never contribute anything remotely useful or interesting. Big arse-kissing of the Guru is mandatory. Unfortunately, Groupies are also the most obnoxious and ruthless people on this site. These are the people who drive good people away from this board e.g. “who the hell are you, shithead?” that type of thing. I have nothing but scorn for them. Being nice with them or simply adding them to your Ignore list, doesn’t make this web site a better place. Nice is not always best. You have to fuck with them back, and then eliminate them. It’s the only way forward. Why? Because once they learn to shut up, this site becomes more agreeable to new people.

    These are all the ‘Elite’ members. They all know each by name and spend half their time patting each other on the pack, spouting useless drivvel that doesn’t help you trade better tomorrow. “You’re the best, Fred”, “thanks dude”, “remember, the trend is your friend” and all that stupidity. Half the time you need a bucket for a quick vomit when you see them in full flow. They thoroughly enjoy giving people the benefit of their advice – which usually amounts to no more than one line since that’s the fastest way they can increase their post count, and thereby their social status. About 70% of them also love to preach and moralise about life. They are worldly wise you see! And 80% of them have absolutely no sense of humour. They are just uptight fucking do-gooders who enjoy their status too much, and who are simply boring and a pain in the arse. If you get on their Ignore List, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

    The other five people are perfectly normal.

    My objective here is to see if just one bastard gives me something back in return; to try and increase the number of normal people to more than five; and to make the newbies feel more comfortable speaking out. Oh, and to “play” with the Groupies most of all.

    Johnny Rotten

    This is the funniest thing I've ever read. Thanks for the laughs. It's too bad that this type of humor is wasted on ET stiffs. Maybe this new thread can serve as a springboard for some positive dialogue about daytrading breakouts on the ES.
  2. This thread will no doubt be shut down soon also!
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    Unfortunately, I don't think there will be any "breakouts" in the near future.

    Probably some "break downs" though.
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    Isn't this a bit like necrophilia?
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    Let's keep this on topic. And let's keep the riff raff away.

    Or better yet, to those who fought like 2 year olds in the end of the last thread, please stay away from here.

    I'll moderate, even though I get the feeling I'm already being closely watched:D
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    Good luck to you, Smitty. I'm done with it.
  7. great, now about these breakouts, it seems like the last 2 hours of the ES and NQ aren't so great with this style ao far, any opinions? the opening of the eurex and the opening in the US seems the way to play as the trends just develop
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    Today the Eurex rolls over to Sept as front month
  9. himself


    It looks like the 4:25 bars went below the BB in:

    Now waiting for the pull back bars
    Not overly enthusiastic, it's 4:30 and markets
    haven't shown much momentum.

    The ma seems to be slanted down, but not by much at all
    in the ESTX50, which is the contract that I would use.
  10. dpanic


    not much sign of any trend here. dax still within the same range it's been in since about 10:30 yesterday. dax has tested 3240 3 times since then.
    #10     Jun 20, 2003