Daytrading- BIg Picture and Volume Analysis

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  1. It is very easy to lose the “Forest for the Trees” when day trading. Part of the big picture is "volume analysis," and part of the big picture is "macro price analysis."

    Since I am new to this forum, I wanted to mention a few things, and Ill try to be brief. I am a passionate trader just like many of you here. I have no idea if everyone here is an experienced trader, successful trader, just starting out, trying to learn new ideas, trying to hear about others approaches, etc.

    In browsing the forums, my sense is this a place for traders to help traders, and that’s what Ill try to do here as well. I trade the ES market using an approach called E=MC2. Regardless of this approach, I hope this thread will be a place to provide and share valuable and interesting day trading information.

    I am happy to answer any questions you may have, but I am here to (1) Hopefully mention some things that may be of interest to those who trade (2) Discuss any and all areas of trading (3) Continue to meet other interesting traders around the world. (4) Offer my little perspective on the ES market (5) Listen to other peoples perspectives as well.

    Simply put, I am no different from most of you in that I have a passion for trading. I have been around long enough, and have seen much of what is out there, and quite frankly, I have made many of the mistakes that most traders unfortunately make at some point in their trading efforts. Also, the way I look to trade is by no means the only way to trade. There are so many styles and ways to do this, and no one style or approach is necessarily better or worse than any other.

    In the end, it is my opinion, that you simply need some type of a solid plan that you have the confidence and discipline to follow on a consistent basis. The big picture, including macro price structure and volume analysis, can be very helpful
    in setting up such a plan

    So, Ill begin by sharing some thoughts on "volume analysis" that hopefully will be of some interest, and then Ill continue to share some ongoing thoughts on volume and big picture analysis in the current ES environment, and of course respond to any questions/comments along the way, and truly, my only hope is for everyone to do well in their trading, no matter what style, or approach they use.
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    The best indicator of volume is how many times a week you can get laid and what was the volume of additions/deletions to your bank and retirement accounts. Any other use of volume is a waste of time.

    Summer time TV is bad so i come to ET and find this dribble again from some clown that is gonna make us all rich .