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  2. Who gives a sh*t where the vix is???

    I guess you haven't been watching TASR, MAMA, and the other 50 names that have made 500%+ moves in a week.

    The VIX has nothing to do with trading the manipulated crap she was talking about. Get over it.
  3. you will care going forward.

  4. That article is completely useless.
  5. She is hardly retarded.
  6. she is what she is, and is where she is because she is what she is.

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    First of all, day trading has been around for over a century. Livermore was expert. Daytrading is back? Geez, thanks for the news flash.
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    The article was retarded. A reflection of the author.

  9. "professional money managers remain adamant that the one thing about day traders that hasn't changed much is the lack of insight into the companies in which they invest.

    Like Kleintop said, "In most cases, day traders are using technical software and looking at the movement of the ticker; they don't even always know the name of the stock they're trading."

    I only need to read these few sentences to come to a conclusion that the guy that wrote it is a complete MORON, and probably sweats before buying 100 shares in his ameritrade account.

    Day traders Invest - thats fucken hillarious!!!

  10. THis quote I assume came from the the same group of money managers that manage billions of dollars in mutual funds that allow improper after hours trading and other shenanigans, and as a group underperform significantly the indices that they are compared to.

    And I guess their research into daytrading led them to the conclusion that day traders must consider fundamentals for our long term investments that may last as long as 2-3 hours. I guess the research departments spent as much time analyzing the methods of day traders as they do in researching the stock picks for their funds that as mentioned earlier underperform the averages.
    An example from Morningstar:

    Avg mid cap fund, 5 year performance +4.3%
    S&P 400 midcap , 5 year performance +10.4%



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