Daytrading and a Golfer Mind

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Nelson1980, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. ...any Successful golfers that are Successful daytraders?

    I am sure there will be many since golf is about taking your par when you can and only go for birdies when the risk isn't that great.

    Can someone elaborate on this, b/c I was thinking of something...
  2. tampa


    Let's get real! Golf is cursing, throwing your clubs, lying about your score, and worse.

    While there may be some parallels above, there are things most any golfer can do, that a trader can't.

    Mulligans, and taking advantage of a handicap...try that while trading.

    Besides, golf is a stupid game...
  3. I wish I could get one or two mulligans a day- just erase those trades from my account.

    yeah, golf is kinda lame- at least get girls in bikinis to distract golfers when they tee off or a big air horn to make it funny. or make golfers box each other or some shit like that.
  4. I am not talking about weekend dufflebags like us. I am talking about Pros/advanced Amateurs, who must have the optimum amount of concentration and the willingness to cut the errors to a minimum if they have to have a shot at the prize.

  5. trading is more like fencing.


  6. AusTrader


    Read the opening chapter of Tiger Wood's "How I Play Golf". The parallels with trading are quite amazing.
  7. Can someone elaborate on this, b/c I was thinking of something...

    Just curious - what something, were you thinking of?
    Was it that there would probably be similarities between winning traders and winning golfers, or was there something more?
  8. egusc


    I am a golfer and i understand the connection to golf and trading that you were talking about. Never thought about it before, but its a similar mindset. The strategy of how to attact a hole. When to go for broke or just punch out into the fairway to cut your loses. and concentration for long time periods. If you lose your focus for a moment you can get in big trouble. I think Mental toughness is very important to be a good golfer.

    Not much benefical to trading, except maybe the ability to concentrate for long periods, as i see it but there might be something here.

    Good luck
  9. tampa


    I suppose the same could be said about bowling...hmmm...

    Say, let's hear from the ET bowlers out or bowling?
  10. gnome


    Hi Ev,
    Similarities between golf success and trading success? That's a stretch.

    In golf, lots know WHAT & HOW... but can't execute well enough to comptete with the big boys... Butch Harmon, David Ledbetter.

    In trading, execution skill is nothing... well, maybe if you can click a mouse with flair. Unfortunately, we never know anything for sure. In trading, you need to know when/why you think you have an edge... then take the risk. Sooooo simple. Soooo difficult!
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