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    Latest review of the DayTradeTeam was over 14 months ago. Any new thoughts on this group?
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    I've been papertrading with daytradeteam for over 6 months now and am convinced these guys are good. I only day trade stocks so I dont have an opinion on swing,options trading. The percentage gains and losses they show on their homepage are accurate but do not reflect trading costs. they average aound 250 trades a month, so you can do the math regarding how large your daytrading account needs to be. They use the Thinkorswim platform in their livetrading room. Some days are real busy, and some are not regarding trading. They rarely have more than two full postions open at any given time, and on occasion they will place higher risk trades. Hope this helps.
  3. You would be better off letting your dog pick your trades than allowing Nick Fenton.

    Daytradeteam is possibly the worst pay room I have ever witnessed.

    Just study charts day in day out, people make rooms like this because they cannot trade, that's the truth.

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    Maby there are better day trading services, but I dont know how you can argue with The following:

    Jan 08 -2.5%
    Feb 08 -2.2 %
    Mar 08 -1.74%
    Apr 08 +6.73%
    May 08 -.91%
    Jun 08 +6.17%
    July 08 +25.76%
    Aug 08 +5.25%
    Sep 08 +1.728%
    Oct 08 MTD +4.5%

    YTD +42.78% after trade commisions

    If you can do every trade every day, they do have a proven track record
  5. Rob,

    You are a clear shill, please go away, thank you and no, their track record is abysmal.

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    You are a rude person. Good luck with your long portfolio
  7. And you are a shill like he said.

    Nobody needs your brand of clap trap, so beat it.
  8. To get a true average you need to remove the worst and best months. Doing this makes the result crap. Go peddle your shit elsewhere.
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    I wish the IRS did their calculations that way
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    So, a poster with less than 5 posts starts a thread "inquiring" about a site.

    A poster with less than 5 posts answers the OP with a great review.

    No was this is SPAM.

    NO WAY!!!

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