daytraders, you better learn.....

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  1. how to swing trade. As this volatility continues, we are going out of biz soon.
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    just another sh*t day in Jan 2010... I mean its becoming ridiculous... and feel as though its gonna get worse, this could cease up completely come summer...shoulda stayed on the ski slopes... coulda & woulda .
  3. markets are fine for day trading - actually when things get choppy reduce time frame and shares or go flat
  4. Perhaps for you, who has just shown up here on ET. But for us who have been around awhile, this lack of volatility and lack of volume is creating famine conditions for those of us who like to leave each day flat.
  5. You're a goddamn genius private pyle!
  6. Saw you get killed in a loo, hartman. I know your ghost wont get peace.
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    Question: Which is riskier? Day trading or swing trading?

    My impression is day trading is less risky because you do not hold stocks overnight.
  8. One solution is to only day trade when volatility tends to occur although you'll miss a few volatility surprises here and there.

    Another solution is switch to a trading instrument that tends to ignore the overall declining volatility or not as bad in comparison to what someone was trading.

  9. If you want volatility, trade GC, NG, or CL. Volatility in and of itself is not a road to riches. It is predictable volatility. And unfortunately, I don't see GC, NG, and CL as being predictably volatile. They are just flat out volatile with herky jerky random moves.
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