Daytraders: what are your favorite day trading stocks?

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  1. What are your favorite stocks to day-trade with the following criteria:

    1) stock price is above $30 a share

    2) average daily volume is above 2 million shares

    3) market cap for the stock is above $3 billion dollars

    4) the total dollars traded for the stock on the average day is over $100 million

    For example: volume (3,000,000 shares) x stock price ($50 per share) = $150 million dollars traded per day

    5) average daily fluctuation is higher than 5%

  2. AAPL
  3. I trade premarket gaps and every day I add to my list the stocks that gapped, whether or not the spread between bid and ask is wide or not and whether or not my strategy work or not. It works for me.

    Then I trade the stocks with the best track record and avoid the others.

    aapl is a good one.
  4. aapl-rimm-ice-ma. the solars are way too volitile as are the fertilizers.that said,i still will trade them.
  5. RedLng


    BIDU, POT, GS, FSLR, and some oil names
  6. I trade the DOW 30, mostly AA, HPQ, MO, T, & CAT
  7. OIH
  8. zdreg


    best track record meaning that the long term trend of the stock can be easily determined?
  9. Stocks with the best track record have shown no failures on my strategy.
  10. DRYS?

    I'm surprised to see that one on there, it seems to be all over the place. Maybe I'm bias because I'm holding it long, stuck at $85
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